Monday, June 7, 2010

Today is Monday. Do not Panic.

During my first year as Senior Sponsor, I stayed at school so long on the Monday of the week of Graduation that when I left, I thought I was going home on Tuesday. I freaked out about it, so on Tuesday, I wrote in marker at the top of my list "TODAY IS TUESDAY. DO NOT PANIC." You know, that really helped. And the moral of that story is that I got through that Graduation, and I got through another one when I was about 4 and a half months pregnant. I will get through this one. My only issue right now is that I feel so calm that I am paranoid that I must be forgetting something.

In other graduation news, and then I promise to move onto something else, I went to the district website tonight and found out that my Graduation ceremony will be streamed live online. Really? I don't even know how to respond to that piece of news coherently, except that it makes me definitely more nauseous than I was about this before. It just feels like extra pressure, which I know it isn't because probably only my parents will watch my graduation online (if that...I mean, let's be honest. Graduations are just boring when you're not involved.). Anyway, I just feel the weight of technology in this situation. I realize that I don't actually speak at the ceremony. All I do is the pre-game behind-the-scenes setup to make my administrators and the kids look perfect. Still...

The first picture in this post is from a picnic Charlotte and I went to on Saturday night with our Sunday School class. She ate fried chicken and broccoli like it was going out of style. She then proceeded to play in a little playground in mulch and emerged FILTHY. Shannon Maxey told me that she could always tell how good of a time her son, Seth, has had by how dirty he is.

Look at those feet....

And then, the morning after, after a TON of sleep....

Last, but not least, Happy Birthday to Adam's brother Nick.

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