What a difference a year and a half makes. Dr. Shaw, who is one of about 300 doctors in the country who specializes in what he does, said the Charlotte is a model patient. Her club feet were severe, and now through modern medicine and God's grace, they look almost normal. She's walking and standing, getting more secure and confident every day.
Here's what we found out today from going to see Dr. Shaw for our bi-yearly visit:
  1. We get to come back again in December.
  2. Charlotte will probably have to sleep in her braces until she's about 3. That means we're going to have to get at least one more pair...maybe two. Ouch.
  3. Charlotte will probably not need the surgery some kids need at age 4 where tendons from toes are moved to keep the feet from curling.
  4. The sandals we picked out for her, that my mother adores, are basically like corrective shoes. He loved that the band at the front of the foot was adjustable along with the strap. I told Dr. Shaw that was why we bought the sandals in the first place - because Charlotte's feet are too fat for some shoes.
  5. Which led Dr. Shaw to explain to us that her feet are short and fat for her age. He told us that if she only had one club foot, it would be 2 sizes smaller than the normal foot. Huh. So, I guess Charlotte will have dainty little feet. I'm just glad we don't have to buy her two pairs of shoes in two different sizes; THAT would be annoying.

Anyway, that's how our appointment with Dr. Shaw went today. In other news, school is over for the year, and I am thrilled; graduation went great. Here is a link for pictures, not of me though, and here is the link to watch the ceremony. God continues to work in our lives, directing, moving and shaping our future. We pray for His Will to be done in all things.


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