Picture Recap...

I know it has been a while for pictures when my mom not-so-subtley asks for more pictures. So, I'll try to walk you through the last month, but it's been a lot.

First, our little family Christmas before we left for Ohio.

 Jonah so thoughtfully gave Charlotte some fairy band-aids. How did he know?

 Our big gift for Charlotte was a Lalaloopsy doll.
 Jonah's big gift was getting to eat the wrapping paper.
 Charlotte also got a really cool floor puzzle featuring fairy tales.
 Then we went to Columbus, and got the kids bundled up to go to the zoo.
 They rode in the wagon together at the zoo.

 Then, we went to Cincinnati. I don't know what's on Jonah's face...it could be many things.

 Then, when we got back home, I set up Mommy's Saturday Morning Barber Shop in the kitchen and cut the boys' hair. Here's Jonah's new look!
 There's all the hair I cut off!

 Here is Charlotte and Adam playing "Daddy's game" or the PS Vita. There are some games Charlotte can help Adam play by touching certain things at the right time.
 These last three pictures are fun because I didn't take them; Charlotte did. She grabbed the camera and took some pictures on her own.

So there you go, y'all. Love you, mom. Soli Deo Gloria, as usual. :)


  1. I love Jonah's haircut! Handsome little boy and fun to play with in the nursery on Sunday!


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