A Summer Summary...so far

I know, I know. It's been summer for TWO WHOLE WEEKS, and not only have I not done anything really, I haven't written either.  But, we've taken a few pictures, so you can at least see a little of what we were doing these past two weeks.

This picture was taken on the first Saturday of summer. I walk into our bedroom and Adam is on the computer and Charlotte is watching something on his DS. Haha.

These pictures were taken while I was working a retail job (more on that later) and while Adam and Charlotte were playing with Play-Doh.
 Yes, Charlotte took this picture of Adam...

 Then, the day before Father's Day, we went to a wedding for one of the couples in our church.  The bride is one of Charlotte's Sunday School teachers, and this is the first wedding that Charlotte can remember, so this was all very exciting for her. So exciting that she held Adam's hand the whole ceremony, captivated. And so exciting that during the reception, she invited herself to join the bridal party so that she could be part of the festivities.

There have also been swimming lessons and Vacation Bible School so far, but we didn't get pictures of either of those things.

And that's what we've been doing. I got a retail job for the summer, but after doing it about two weeks, I remember what stinks about retail, so I'm going to quit today.  Also, Adam and I both got teaching contracts for next year, so things will stay the same as they were last year.  Homemaking, marriage and family have been on my mind, so I'll probably be posting some about those things. Until then, Soli Deo Gloria, y'all.


  1. Charlotte looks so grown up in the first pic! And she is beautiful...looking forward to reading more of your thoughts this summer.


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