10 Things Thursday

A lot's been happening in the past week, so here's a special 10 Things Thursday for the out-of-town family. T-minus a week and a half until Baby #2's due date.

  1. Decorating the tree, or as Charlotte called it this year, "building Christmas."

2. Adam spacing out Charlotte's ornaments.

3. Charlotte holding the Mommy-Charlotte Willow Tree ornament.

4. Waiting on Black Friday to get our very first haircut.

5. During the haircut. Apparently sitting still includes making a Frankenstein face when I take her picture.

6. Putting her chin down .

7. Almost done.

8. Wearing the monkey hat Grandma and Auntie Liz got her for her birthday.

9. We went out to ice cream on Charlotte's real birthday.

10. Mommy and Charlotte playing with the Play-Doh kit Grandmother sent for Charlotte's birthday.

Hope you enjoyed that. It won't be long before I can introduce you to the new baby. Until then, sorry for not posting very much...I still have a week of school left.


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