Prayer requests

I don't do this much, post prayer requests on the blog. But let's be honest with each other about two things: 1) I have a lot of prayer warriors who read this blog and 2) life is not simple and easy in my house right now. So, if you could, please pray for us. I am by no means trying to complain or whine; that is something I never wanted to do on this platform. We just need prayer. Thank you so much; we cannot do it without you.

  1. Stability in our home with Adam's job!! This is the most prevalent prayer request in the past two years. Adam's jobs have been unstable at best for that long, and that constant change every school year is getting old and difficult. Please pray that he would get a job at the school where he is supposed to spend his career so that we may finally have stability in this area.

  2. That God would be faithful to the desires He has placed in our hearts. It is often difficult to trust Him, and we want to take matters into our own hands almost daily, even though He will be faithful to satisy the desires that He gave us (mainly, my desire to come home).

  3. Peace, joy and peace.

Thank you so much for this, y'all. God delights to hear the prayers of His people. Soli Deo Gloria - and He will be glorified in this beautiful set of trials being over.


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